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By: Riana Ahmad

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Monday, 4-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Beautiful Weekend...

Weekend Off!
Days of Beauty...
with a Beautiful Mind
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Venue: From Ulu Kelang (my hometown) to KL larrr...

Good Morning, honey

Another weekend is over. What a beautiful day yesterday was!

So, that's my week in a nutshell. Add a little work and a little play and it's a well-balanced week

I spent the weekend between dreamworlds I did a lil shopping.. partying.. sleeping.. dinner & lunches with the girls jerrr

How to release stress:
- Exercise
- Relax, it's not the end of the world!
- Express and communicate.
- Nurture relationships & keep a journal.
- Keep your sense of humour, stay healthy and ensure you are sleeping enough.

Okay, enough wanderlust, time to get back to work and wrap up a few loose ends before it's officially the weekend

Wednesday, 29-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Life is Beautiful ~ La Vita È Bella

My heart's in B...
Home alone...
and missing my H....
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Finally i'm back.. quite an interesting day for me. Ever had one of those days that just feel good? Well today's it for me...
Hey, a good day to you too!

Over the past week I came to a decision, one that should have been easy to reach, but for some reason wasn't..

The decision I have come to relates to my relationship status. I keep thinking that it is crucial for me to be in a relationship with someone, that only then can I be totally happy and complete. What I have realized is that if God wants me to be in a relationship with someone, then He will bring that person along at the appropriate time.

I accept that God is in control of my life, that He has a plan and a purpose for me, and he knows what is around the corner for me.

~ Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life ~
Author: Alexandar Stoddard


Eating. Sleeping. Bathing. Chores. These are the things we do every day, yet few of us stop to consider how we perform the routines that occupy 95 percent of our lives: in chaos or serenity, with irritation or withjoy.

Here, in one elegant, copious and forever rereadable book, Alexandra Stoddard shows how to live a more beautiful, more ordered life, every single day. Drawing on the wisdom of Emerson, Samuel Johnson, Rilke and many others andwarmed by Alexandra Stoddard's personal anecdotes, this book deals with life both philosophically and practically -- from discovering the sources of your well-being to buying the right stationery or sheets; from using solitude toreplenish your spirit to using fabrics, ribbon, paper and your own five senses to transform your daily life.

Living a Beautiful Life demonstrates how to use the ordinary in extraordinary ways, suggesting hundreds of techniques forturning dull, irritating routines into life-enhancing rituals; hundreds of simple ways to transform your days -- or your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and desk -- into delights of beauty and efficiency.

There's a marvelous trick for locating the perfect psychological spot for your bed, a quick way to use "remembrance of things past" to choose color schemes that suit you, suggestions for how to turn a fifteen-minute lunch break into a restorative experience. And throughout,Alexandra Stoddard shows how taking care of "the little things" can ultimately add up to a change in the big things.

Most of all, Living a Beautiful Life reveals how a beautiful life can be achieved; how daily motions become truly satisfying patterns of pleasure; and how these patterns of pleasure can add up to a life lived deeply and well, transforming even the most cluttered and hectic existence

Thursday, 23-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What Does It Take To Be Happy Together?

To Be Or Not To Be Happiness...
Is A Choice!
Happiness comes from feelings
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~ Coaching to Happiness ~ The 32 Building Blocks Of Happiness
Author: Robert McPhillips

The best way to be happy as a couple - in fact the only lasting way... is to be happy apart.

So many people get into or stay in a relationship because they are afraid of being alone.

They are not happy alone... so they look for the reason. And they decide that they must be unhappy because they have no-one to love or to love them.

"If I had someone to love and to love me I would be complete and happy" they say.
Good relationships do not guarantee happiness... but not getting along with people, whether it is with your Partner, your Family or your Colleagues... can make your life a misery.

Then they meet someone who roughly matches up. Initially it is exciting and fun. Both sides are intrigued and fascinated by the other.

"Oh, now we can be so happy together" they think.

The fact that most of our relationships do not last as long as we expect... or want them to, is due to a basic misunderstanding of their purpose.

They begin making up an image of the other person. One based not on what the person is really like... but on how they are acting (on their best behaviour) and on how you expect them to act in the future.

For a while it all goes well... so they are happy together.

Later though, they relax with each other. They stop living up to the image that the other still holds of them.

The other partner becomes resentful that they aren't acting as they 'should' be, that they have changed.

Usually they won't actually say what they are unhappy with. But they will start to bicker. And will expect that their Partner should understand what is on their mind.

The unsaid feelings, the frustrations, the hidden anger and criticisms are like a telescope between you.

When anything is between you, you will not be as happy together as you could be.

But if that thing is not resolved, it will expand and grow. And the small pole between you will expand and force you further and further apart.

If every difference is not eliminated... it will stop you getting close and so being happy together.

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LoVe in FriendShip...

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I miss him dearly.....

Now when I look back, I realise ours was a special friendship! I was a happier person when he was around. There was some sort of chemistry or biology, or whatever you call it lerrr...

He appreciates what's good in me or, let's say, what he thinks is good in me. I was not a very romantic person to begin with, but have become one since I met him larrr...

He is a very expressive and demonstrative person. Yelah, he the more romantic one in the relationship. He is also very sensitive. No, he dosen't do the flowers, cards and the rest of it. Yet, I feel the romance in the things he says, his little gestures...

Friend for Life....
Friendship between couples means they "know each other intimately" and "are well versed in each other's likes, dislikes, personality quirks, hopes and dreams," Gottman says in his book "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work".

It's Not Complicated
Gottman believes the principles that make a marriage work are "surprisingly simple." Happily married couples aren't smarter or more beautiful than others, and they don't live in castles in the clouds where there's no conflict or negative feelings. They've simply learned to let their positive feelings about each other override their negative ones. They understand, honor, and respect each other. They know each other deeply and enjoy being together. They do little things every day to stay connected and to show each other they care. In short, they are friends.
As simple as it sounds, happy marriages are based on a foundation of friendship.

~ 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships ~
Author Michael Webb

Friendships are so special. But real friendships take time to build. They take time to grow. Lets take time to explore frendships shall we? Children make friends so quickly! Then as we grow older, it is not as simple as getting out the toys, or playing hide-n-seek is it? No, we need to put some time into friendships. Be concerned with being a friend, not in having a friend. Many would love to have a true friend, but few are interested in being a true friend.

Perhaps the most difficult of love affairs are those where couples are physically apart. Have you ever known a couple that seemed to be on cloud nine all the time? To strangers they would appear to be newlyweds, but in reality they have been together for years.

Some people will try to tell you that "fairy tale" relationships don't exist. Well, they do. There are tens of thousands of couples who would say that they are living in a blissful relationship. A large percentage of them have never even had a fight.

Wednesday, 15-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Day in the Life....

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Actually, I'm not bitching Not much anyway... but I am feeling VERY good today

During the past week, I did not do a great job of eating healthy and exercising. I could blame the bad weather, which makes me want to curl up on the couch and do nothing, but this is not a good excuse. Lacking on the walking this week b'coz of the rain Looks like it's supposed to rain through Saturday. I am planning to eat a lot better and exercise alot more this week!!! Konon-konon larrr...

One thing that made me smile today :
Oh dear, I'm working with a bunch of people with full of stressed or "bermasalah negara" (esp. people wt marital life problem larr) Work life balance? What balance? What life? I'm currently "enjoying" 13-15 hour days at a city firm that has frozen my salary and thinks I should be grateful for my job in a depressed market. This means not blaming external factors - even work

The point is that there is no good reason for jobs to be overly stressful! Yelah, everyone has stress of one sort or another. Stress is self-made. If you wring your hands about how stressful your life is, you will find your life stressful. If you just take the view that work is just something that we do, then it's a lot easier to take it in your stride. If you can't do that, change career or change job. I've done it and it's a lot easier than it seems before you take the plunge. Life is too short to waste on being unhappy..

Aquarius Employee Profile
The Aquarius employee can't tolerate unfairness in the office.

Hair brained schemes will get the positive attention they deserve if an Aquarian has anything to do with it. They'll try to help everyone see the good side of a bad situation if it's the last thing that they do. They are so smart-they can't help but hold management in disdain if they feel that they are being unfair and unintelligent. It isn't that they are overly ambitious and think they could be doing a better job- just that they think people in power should know better.

Most Aquarius workers are still looking for themselves and will want to try their hand at a variety of jobs in the workplace. Whatever they are doing, they will do conscientiously.

They usually have strict personal codes that include a strong work ethic. Their bright, off-beat intelligence, and trustworthiness will typically gain them many friends-in and out of work.

Beneath that sometimes odd-ball behavior is solid, concrete thinking and sensitivity to co-workers. Keep your smart Aquarius co-worker happy by giving them plenty of opportunity to learn news skills.

Raises are less important to them. No amount of money will make it worth their while to stay in a stagnant position. Don't let them get too bored or they will simply find another job as easily as they found this one-their genius is easy to spot...

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